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Specialists in Protective and Liquid Foam Packaging

Alta carries all of the industrial packaging supplies and equipment your company might need. We provide packaging solutions to a wide range of industries. Alta takes a hands-on approach to your project, offering on-site installation and training, so you are guaranteed to get the right solution for your operation's needs.

Alta Packaging has over 40 years experience in the foam in place and protective packaging industry. Alta Packaging provides your company with a variety of liquid foam and foam-in-place technologies to satisfy your business’s packaging needs. Our foam-in-bag packaging technologies can produce up to 21 cushions in under a minute with the ease of a button press. We offer a diversity of liquid foam products that will ensure you can pack and ship your product efficiently, and most importantly, without damage.

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Automated Apparel & Soft Goods Bagging System

Polymailer Products placed

Products placed

Custom sized Polybags

Significantly faster than manual operations

Automatically adjusts each pack to the correct dimensions

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I-Pack® Automated Package Void Reduction

products placed in tray packaging

Products placed in the tray

Automatic height adjustment and void measurement start

Void measurement & height adjustment automatically starts

Automatic height adjustment completion

Height adjustment automatically finishes

Automatic lid sealing

Lid automatically sealed in place

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