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Alta Packaging ยป Automated Void Reduction

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I-Pack® Automated Voidfill Reduction System

Create More Compact Packages By Removing the Unused Void

Benefits of the I-Pack® System

    Automated Voidfill Reduction
  • Savings on Shipping - Smaller overall volume reduces air-freight and last mile costs.
  • Savings on Operations - Tray forming, height adjustment, and lidding process is automated and high throughput. Picking is more productive in trays than in RSCs.
  • Savings on Materials - The need for additional packaging material is reduced. I-Pack® materials can be sourced from local suppliers.
  • Savings on Reduced Return Ratio - The I-Pack® fold increases box strength adding product protection. The glued pack is securely sealed and tamper-evident. The protection is consistent and efficient regardless of the production speed, whatever the box filling rate or product mix.
  • Good Environmental Profile - The 100% corrugated package is "curb-side" recyclable.
  • Impressive Package - The finished appearance of the package enhances brand image.
  • Easy to Open - The built-in tear strip makes opening an easy pull.
  • Reliable - Designed in accordance with CE European Directives, the system is compliant for North America and is tested and certified for compliance by a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

The I-Pack® Process

Automated Voidfill Reduction

Alta Packaging

It's as easy as that! When you begin working with our Automated Voidfill Reduction packages, you wil immediately feel the positive effects it has on your business. The system works quickly and is streamlined for optimal packing. If you have any questions about how this set-up works or how it can work with your business give us a call!

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