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Poly Mailer Bags

  • Wicketed poly bags load 100% faster than standard mailer bags
  • Dimensional weight savings up to 20% versus cartons
Poly Mailer Bags
  • Unsurpassed Water & Tear Resistance
  • White outer surface/Grey inner lining
  • Pressure sensitive self-seal
  • Pressure sensitive self-seal
  • Perforated tear-strip for easy opening
  • Light Weight & Time Saving
  • 100% recyclable (#4)
  • Saves on shipping costs
  • Custom printing and converting capabilities allow our E-commerce partners to apply their image on packaging that arrives at the consumer’s doorstep.

Speed is the name of the game! See the two videos below

Standard Poly Bag Loading Wicketed Poly Bag Loading

Alta Packaging

If you have any questions about our Poly Mailer Bags, give us a call. We would love to help you find the packaging system that will help boost your business and streamline your shipping process."

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